Fall Gratin Apples, Butternut Squash, Roquefort and Walnuts


Summer has waned leaving behind cooler breezes to sweep the turning golden and red leaves along the streets and lanes. The evenings already have a definite nip that makes us return to heartier comforting dishes such as potato gratin.



I love gratin of all types but often dislike the very heavy cheesy ones with too much garlic that sit in your stomach like a cannon ball – probably augmented by my lactose-intolerance.

So I developed this “lighter” gratin version to celebrate the arrival of fall with fresh butternut squash and new juicy apples but highlighted by the light bite of Roquefort (sheep’s cheese with green mould naturally lactose-free) combined with their favorite pairing partner: walnuts.



The vegetable and fruit juices blend into the cheese sauce while the gratin bakes creating a thinner sauce that can be deliciously ladled over the serving portions, making them juicy and sinuous.

This dish is great leftover food and tastes even more intense the next day when reheated.

To find out more about the distinctive Roquefort cheese here.

Find the recipe below via my Steller Stories and enjoy.


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