Food Blogger Connect #5 or a Splendid Weekend in London

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It is time for me to write about FBC#5 and my splendid weekend in London.
Weeks have gone by, pictures have been uploaded, reviews written and opinions shared. But I preferred to reflect with more distance this year. To go over in my mind and in my thoughts what FBC#5 meant to me and the blogging community expanding throughout Europe.

fbc5 reflecting
And I believe for the first time that a European blogging community is budding and blossoming.
Some write about food, some travel, some fashion or culture, each blogger trying to bring in aspects of his or her world as he or she is thinking and experiencing it, eating and seeing it, with feelings, suffering and joy.

Yes my friends it is all there for everyone to read and in theses difficult times in Europe and in the World at large it is for me, a sign of hope and inspiration that we can make a difference and that we want to.

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I strongly believe that sharing our perspective is the ultimate and vital step to examining the World in which we live and reflecting on what we want our role in it to be. Not about taking but about giving, not about one’s self, but about others, listening and trying to understand, seeing the other’s point of view.
All this is what I feel I have brought back from Food Blogger Connect along with an enrichment of my life by sharing these 4 days with all the awesome and passionate people I met while I was there. Including my incredible AirnB hosts Karen and Des.

fbc5 eating & enjoying fbc5 foodie friends fbc5 meeting

There was laughter and there was nostalgia.

fbc5 looking

I saw previous FBC friends who I have continued to get to know and with whom I have inspiring virtual friendships as many other attendees did.
The excitement of meeting the people who you have conserved with for such long periods of time, felt that you knew but had  never met is hard to describe. It is enthralling and makes your heart beat faster.

fbc5 relaxing

This is a unique benefit that this type of, yes let’s say intimate, conference makes possible.
A conference of 120 people over 4 days is quite a feat and many have tried and given up or are so overly commercialized that they don’t give a toot and basically they only offer the venue.
I am sad to say that I have attended one of these large so-called blogger conferences and if it wasn’t for the sympathico bloggers I met there I would regret the money spent. Although I will admit that Girona was more than worth the visit.

fbc5 chatting 1

But let us return to FBC#5 and nostalgia.

Meeting and listening to Kerstin Rodgers was a trip! And an amazing one at that! Traipsing with her down punk memory lane with boozy raunchy evenings in between the well-related tips and suggestions of book writing and supper clubs was fantastic.
I have now read her childhood stories in her spectacular book “Supper Club” and they have been a revelation making me lookback at the roots of my seasoned life and smile as wide as a Cheshire cat.

fbc5 empassioned fbc5 storytelling fbc5 sharing passion

Truly if we can laugh at ourselves and have a wee cry and move on to bigger projects than I say: we got the power and we rock!

fbc5 authors sharing

I greatly enjoyed the podium discussions and sessions at the conference this year because they allowed us to see so many different approaches to a subject in such a short time period.
The sessions are not just there to tell us how to do things but mostly to teach us what we need to consider when doing them.

Trial and error and suggestions from others really are the smart way to approach blogging.

fbc5 battersea Arts Centre Grand Hall fbc5 congregating fbc5 detailed 1

The Battersea Arts Centre is the perfect venue, stunning, exactly the right size and flexible to the needs of this event.

fbc5 resting

The FBC conference organization by all involved deserves much, much more than a mere thank you!
I was impressed with how you all have grown and ripened with the challenges leading up to this 5th FBC event and you have listened and adjusted without losing your personal touch and signature! Bravissimo!
Take a bow Joslin you more than deserve it and your team too!!

fbc5 attentive fbc5 contrasts 1

And for once let us not discuss if there was more of less food than last year in the StrEAT Market – that is just being picky. Because nothing could ever steal the show from the unbelievably delicious mountains of food prepared over weeks and weeks and weeks by hand and served with the utmost devotion by the Kehdy siblings assisted by the wonderful Mr. Bourne , his extended family and the ever helpful Pavel!

fbc5 enjoying

Bethany it was divine and beautiful and a more than worthy example of what your book can inspire people to cook and create. “The Jewelled Kitchen” is a very special book and its launch was an day to remember. Sarka’s pictures, Emily’s styling and Alison’s editing match perfectly with Bethany’s creative recipes.

fbc5 signing

At FBC#5 I met people from so many countries, hugged so many friends, learned so many new things, took so many pictures and had a great time. I missed nothing!
I didn’t win any prizes except the amazing goodie bag but the biggest prize was being there with you all.

fbc5 special female friends

Thank everyone of you from the bottom of my foodie heart!



P.S. A warm and hearty shout-out to my new found Lido South London Swimming Club friends for such an enchanting friday evening in Tooting amongst them. You know who you are!

lido special friend
Aren’t the Dive-In-Belles enchanting?
lido entertained
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  1. Sally - My Custard Pie

    Karin – I love your unique perspective on this year’s FBC. Wish we’d had more than a few snatched conversations and in total awe of you leaping into cold water (even in a heatwave). Glad you were inspired by Kerstin too – she’s just awesome.

    • Karin

      Thank you Sally! I’m glad you liked it. It is often easier to reflect with more distance as expats we know how that is ;D

  2. Karen

    You brought a tear to my eye with this wonderfully poignant and personal post about FBC5. I have yet to write my piece yet, but, I hope that when I do write it, that I will be able to share just how very special the event was, with new friendships being made and old ones being reinforced……you are a warm, vibrant and honest person, and it was great to catch up with you again, in the flesh so to speak! There were many people there who inspired me and I left feeling invigorated and ready for next year’s FBC! LOVELY article Karin. Karen :-)

    • Karin

      Thanks so much for your nice comment Karen!
      Yes it sort of just dripped out of my quill last night and I ran with it. It is a passionate subject to me as it is so often a “recompense” for some of life’s other frustrations!
      Wish I could skip off to France to cook and giggle with you! big hugs Karin

    • Karin

      Oh Jacqueline thank you so much for the loveliest of comments and such a compliment!
      We missed you definitely at FBC. sending hugs across Asia to Hongkong. xox

    • Karin

      Thank you dear Regula! yes your life sounds like. whirlwind lately good to catch your breath. loving the new camera and remembering David Griffens suggestion to me last year to get in closer!

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